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Shark Attack

Today I was attacked by a shark. My partner and I had spent the morning fishing from our double kayak in the Bay of Islands in the far north of New Zealand. All the fish seemed to have gone on … Continue reading

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Chicken Tales – Their Early Days

We’re now the proud house sitters of six fuzzy little chicks. Louise hatched her little family in the henhouse alongside the other hens. It soon became apparent that this was not suitable for little chicks as they kept falling onto … Continue reading

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Chicken Tales – Louise

Louise always knew she was special. Her five brothers had been sent away, but she’d been saved. She was the chosen one, destined for bigger and better things. From that day forward she vowed to bring back her brothers. For … Continue reading

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Chicken Tales – In the Beginning

Mike and Jo are full time house sitters and every place they look after is different. Their latest house sit is a small farm called Boggy Bottom, named after to the swamp at the back of the property. They’ve been … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of a Newly Published Author

It’s daybreak, the rooster’s crowing, and I’m still in bed. I probably should get up, but I reach for my laptop instead. I wonder if anyone’s bought my book overnight? I quickly check to see if there have been any … Continue reading

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Review by CM Gray

The Secret Community has been reviewed by author CM Gray. You can read the review here:The Secret Community Click the link below to read the novel:

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The Secret Community

The Secret Community My debut novel – The Secret Community – has just been published on Amazon. I spent most of 2016 writing this novel while house sitting around the world. I found that some of our house sitting locations … Continue reading

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Things that go bump in the night

Something jolted me from my slumber. What was that? I lay as still as I could and listened. Silence. Deciding it was nothing, I tried to go back to sleep. Thump, thump, thump. There it was again. It sounded like … Continue reading

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Autumn is here

A Leaf He leaves his summer residence, carried away by the Autumn breeze in a blaze of colour. The show is over as he falls from a dizzying height, landing amongst his brown and withered friends. The colour of death … Continue reading

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The Start

JMeverington gave up a career as an IT Consultant to follow her dream. Believing there was more to life than a 9-5 existence she quit the rat race to travel and experience life. On a chance comment from her sister, … Continue reading

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